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Why does Your Company look so Dull?

When I hope that like many small businesses it’s really quite exciting, but if comes across as dull and lifeless then you are probably loosing sales.

It seems to me that many small companies have had a major personality bypass when it comes to putting their web-sites and marketing materials together. Of course we all want to come across as professional and trustworthy but when we greet customers with mission statements and values on our front page it’s not exactly gripping.

Put it this way – if I go into an electrical store to buy a  kettle I don’t want the sales assistant to give me some long spiel about the company’s values or be read profiles of the board members. To be honest I don’t really want them to talk to me at all, unless it’s to point me towards the kettle section or give me some helpful advice on which model to choose. And if they’re friendly and engaging it makes the transaction less of a chore.

Now it’s hard enough for small companies to get across why they are different . It’s a crowded market place and we’re all trying to get Google to “like” us  so customers can find us. But what’s the point of being on the front page if we look exactly the same as our competitors?

Most of us don’t have fabulous sums of money to spend on building brands, but we have personalities. Our businesses have personalities and I belive that showing a bit more of that personality will help turn a rational buying decision into an emotional one.

No one ever looked at the stitching in a Boss suit and said this is clearly a better product than the one Marks and Spencer sell – for all I know Marks and Spark’s may be better made but there’s emotion attached when we buy Boss or Armani or any of the designer labels. It makes us feel good about ourselves and that’s where I’m convinced most small companies are missing out.

And you must belive your business is better than your competitors’ otherwise why else would you be in business?

So how do we get that personality across? Social media can be a great way to do this but most of us (and I include myself in this) don’t have time to do this well. So and I would say this wouldn’t I? Why not use photography? Here’s an example of an image that isn’t corporate or boring – it’s engaging .
Doesn’t even need a caption.

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